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Privacy Statement

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Privacy Statement

Utah Adjusters & Appraisers uses information to accomplish its business pursuits of Independent Claims Adjusting and related products and services. This also applies to new products and services, or to carry out legal or regulatory requirements. Communication that Utah Adjusters & Appraisers receives will be kept as required by state or federal laws, or longer if determined by us to be necessary.

General Use of Information

Utah Adjusters & Appraisers collects information for purposes of performing our business activities. Some information that we collect may be considered personal, i.e., names, addresses, phone numbers and other information to enable us to contact individuals, verify identity or accomplish other aspects of the assignments received. Our business activities include, but are not limited to: 1) Claims investigation, insurance adjusting and risk assessment activities, which include, but is not limited to, multiple line insurance adjusting, appraising, background investigation, inspection, reporting, consulting, debt collection, the payment of and administration of claims and risk assessment; 2) Insurance and claim fraud detection and prevention; 3) Complying with law, legal and regulatory requirements; 4) All other business activities relating to new products, services, solvency, and continuance of Utah Adjusters & Appraisers.

In order to effectively operate our business, it may be necessary to contract with others to provide services for us. Utah Adjusters & Appraisers may be required to provide personal information that may be necessary for others to provide these services. These third parties are strictly not allowed to use personal information except for the purpose of providing these services. We treat information we receive with sensitivity and respect.

Operational Use of Information

As part of maintaining good business relations, we try to stay in touch with valued clients by providing useful and interesting information at least every 90 days, but not more frequent than 60 days. If you receive promotional or public service information from us which you do not wish to continue to receive, you can request to be removed from our mailing lists by contacting us.

While Utah Adjusters & Appraisers cannot guaranty against unauthorized use, intrusion of this website or other cyber risks normally associated with electronic communication and maintenance of websites, we take precautions to protect the privacy and security of our users’ information. If users have any questions or comments about privacy at this website, they can be addressed by contacting us.