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Trust, but Verify

Former United States President, Ronald Reagan used the phrase “Trust, but verify” when discussing U.S. relations with the Soviet Union. While most claimants can be trusted, the insurer and employer need to rely upon verification of a claimant’s activities to make informed and confident claim decisions when issues of legitimacy and integrity arise.

Photography and Videography

We believe every image tells a story. ‘Remember the phase “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  We know and understand that being your eyes (and ears) strengthens your ability to make clear and confident claim decisions. That is why the majority of our photographs are taken with quality digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera equipment.  Our array of lens accessories enables the capturing of distant and close-up images to assist you and others with needed information necessary in rendering claim decisions.

Aerial photography is becoming more popular with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones – a term used in the military. Our DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ allows us to photograph and video graph a bird’s eye view of accident scenes, roof slopes, structures, etc. to enhance your decision making ability on claims.

Background Investigations and Special Reports

Our private and public database resources can provide our clients information on names, aliases, SSN and employment verification, bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, liens, judgments, criminal history, residence address history, phone numbers, relatives, neighbors, associates, assets including property, vehicles, and more. We provide detailed reports to our clients with an average turn-around-time of three (3) business hours.

Expert Witness Network

Our experience has keenly developed excellent methods of determining cause and origin of losses. It is sometimes necessary however, to outsource expert forensic assistance. We find, keep and grow a list of highly talented experts in their field of discipline, and discuss this option with our clients in order for them to make informed and confident decisions regarding unique and complex claims. These claims involve causes relating to personal injury, electrical failures, computer network and data breaches, appliance or equipment failures, spontaneous combustion and arson. These claims include causes relating to fatigue, corrosion and other failures involving solid and liquid products, building and other structures, soil, concrete, asphalt or other material defects. Also included are causes relating to active or passive labor installation or maintenance, architectural or design defects, and to mechanical and engineering defects.

Mediation, Umpiring and Arbitration

When the insured and insurer disagree as to the amount of value on an insurance claim, we can be hired as mediators and umpires in the appraisal process, provided that we participate in a disinterested capacity by having no prior knowledge of the claim.  For claims involving member arbitration, we can act as Applicant or Respondent on behalf of member clients when we are authorized under a pre-arranged written agreement for this purpose.  Some advantages of arbitration are:

  • Reduced Time and Expense: Arbitration usually takes less time and expense compared to litigation. There are no court costs, no legal fees and no membership fees associated with our services, just pre-arranged service and filing fees.
  • No Hearing Attendance: There is no need for the member client to worry about attendance at hearings or presenting their case. We assist in verifying and presenting evidentiary documents.
  • Litigation Protection: Participating companies must give up litigation and use arbitration to resolve loss disputes. Participating companies are bound by the decision of one or more hearing officers. There are over 3,500 companies that cannot sue member clients for qualified insurance related losses.
  • Low Value Subrogation Claims: Many subrogation claims are forsaken as their recovery value does not justify litigation. The low cost of arbitration allows the pursuit of low value loss recovery.